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Stabilisation of Arden Grange Pet Foods


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Arden Grange pet foods are stabilised in order to prevent the fats and oils in the diets from oxidising and becoming rancid. Without a preservative of some kind, the products would have a very short shelf-life (a matter of days, which would not be viable for our stockists and customers).


The Arden Grange pet foods are stabilised using a combination of mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E) and rosemary extract at levels sufficient to stabilise the products for 15 months.

There has been much recent media concern regarding the safety of the synthetic antioxidants ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxyanilose (BHA) and butylated hydrototulene (BHT). These preservatives are often added to pet foods and simply listed as EU approved or EEC permitted preservatives. They are sometimes added to the raw materials that contain fats before these ingredients are incorporated into the pet food and therefore are not listed in the ingredients. Arden Grange are pleased to declare that ONLY mixed tocopherols and Vitamin E are used to preserve our raw materials and our finished products.


Natural tocopherols have no known toxicity associated with them or harmful health effects. Moreover, they have a beneficial role in the body, and may aid in helping to combat the harmful effects of free radicals.


Arden Grange pet foods are hypoallergenic and contain no wheat gluten, dairy products, beef or soya. Nor do they contain any artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives


None of our ingredients are genetically modified



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