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How to Recycle Our Packaging


Partners cans and Tasty Liver Treat tubes

Our Partners cans and Tasty Liver Treat tubes can be recycled through household refuse, as steel cans and aluminium tubes can be popped straight into kerb-side collection recycling bins.

Dry food and Crunchy Bites packaging

We're pleased to confirm that our plastic packaging can be recycled through the industry wide, TerraCycle pet food plastic packaging scheme.

TerraCycle, who have initiated recycling programmes across many sectors have launched a pet food packaging recycling scheme, in which all brands of flexible, dry plastic pet food packaging can be recycled - including Arden Grange dog and cat dry food and Crunchy Bites packaging!

Empty plastic packaging can be taken to one of the many public drop-off points around the UK, including schools, churches, libraries and vets. Participating is completely free and incredibly easy. Alternatively, you can request to set up your own public drop-off location, however the abundance of existing sites means TerraCycle are limiting new drop-offs in locations to where existing points are few and far between. 

Each TerraCycle public drop-off point has an administrator, who can earn points on their TerraCycle account. These points are converted to monetary donations to a charity or school of their choice, each time packaging is sent back to TerraCycle. Once the packaging reaches the recycling plant it is sorted, shredded, washed, then used to produce different plastic products, such as benches and fence posts.

We're delighted that our packaging is accepted in this pioneering scheme as this way our food and treats can be kept in packaging that not only enables them to stay fresh and tasty, but can also be recycled and transformed into other useful goods.

Find your nearest TerraCycle drop off point here.

We advise contacting your nearest drop-off point to confirm opening times before visiting.

For more information, please call 01273 833390 or email enquiries@ardengrange.com



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