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No Added Salt or Sugars as Palatability Enhancers


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The media has recently highlighted the dangers of excessive salt consumption in humans, and we have subsequently received several enquiries from pet owners who are concerned that their pets may also be at risk. Ingestion of salt in excess of the required intake can raise the blood pressure and dehydrate the body.

Salt is a compound also called sodium chloride. Both sodium and chloride are essential macrominerals which have important functions within the body. Together they help to maintain the correct water balance in the body. Sodium is important for maintaining proper nerve and muscle cell function, and chloride is necessary for hydrochloric acid formation in the stomach.

Sodium is found naturally in meat, poultry, fish and eggs, but many food manufacturers add additional salt as a flavour enhancer meaning that levels are in excess of those required by the body. If you know how much sodium is in a food, you can work out roughly the amount of salt it contains by multiplying the sodium by 2.5.

Arden Grange add no salt or sugars as palatability enhancers, and the salt levels within the food are within the recommended guidelines. The sodium and chloride must be present in the correct proportion with the other nutrients in the food in order to promote optimal health.



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