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6 step recipe for healthy homemade doggy cupcakes!


We all love to bake and sometimes we want to make something special for our best friends without upsetting their stomachs!

Here is a recipe from our very own nutrition expert and registered vet nurse, Ness for dog friendly cup cakes! These are nutritious and tasty and, being gluten-free, are ideal for most sensitive dogs

What you will need:

Packet of liver - lambís livers or chicken livers donít smell as bad as beef or pork livers!

Gluten free flour

One large egg

Dollop of olive oil

Herbs if you are feeling creative (not chives which are in the onion family Ė onions are poisonous to dogs)

One small garlic clove (garlic, although also an allium is fine for dogs in small quantities Ė itís even believed to be a good flea deterrent!)

Follow these steps to doggy cake heaven!

1. Trim any sinew from the liver and cut into small pieces.

2. Pop the liver, egg, oil, herbs and garlic in the blender and give it a good blast. When the mixture is reasonably smooth, tip it out into a mixing bowl and add the flour until the cake mixture is of flap-jack type consistency.

3. Spoon your mixture into your cupcake tin lined with paper cases. (You could also use a lined baking tray and then slice up your cake when cooled).

4. Cook in a preheated oven at about 180 degrees C for 8-10 minutes - the time will vary depending on the depth of your cupcakes or tray and how much mixture you have made so keep an eye on it.

5. Leave to cool Ė out of reach of your doggy friends because they will raid it!

6. Ice with a dollop of Arden Grange Tasty Liver Treat.

This recipe (without the icing) can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days. If you make a big batch or have only one dog you can freeze it too!

It is important that dogs receive a balanced diet. Liver is high in vitamin A, so these treats should only be given in moderation. Too many treats can also make dogs fussy and if they get too much variety they may start turning their noses up at their regular food. Use treats as a reward for good behaviour!

As with all treats, use in moderation to avoid your pet becoming overweight. Donít forget to reduce your dogís daily food allowance to allow for the extra calories treats provide. As a rough guide you can expect a medium cupcake to contain approx. 120 kcals so you could reduce your dogís dry food intake by 30g.

For dogs who require fat restriction, the oil in both recipes can be substituted with fat-free cottage cheese and an extra egg white.

Happy baking! If you have any questions about this article or any of our products please get in touch.

By: Ness Bird RVN

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