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10 calming tips for anxious cats


Is your cat or kitten exhibiting any of the following behaviors; vocalising more, inappetance, hiding, over grooming, unrination or spraying indoors, aggression? If you spot any of these signs in your cat its time to establish the cause and takes steps to minimise it.....

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5 ways to stop your dog eating poo!


Coprophagia or the eating of a dog’s own stools, those of other dogs or other species, is surprisingly common! An activity disgusting to us humans but enjoyed by many dogs....

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Dealing with your ‘windy’ dog! 5 common causes and possible solutions


Do you have a windy dog? A lot of us may have accepted this as ‘just one of those things’ but, there might be something you can do to help prevent or lessen these unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing events!

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Itchy dog: 5 reasons why your dog is always scratching!


Sometimes it’s nice to have a good old scratch! But you can have too much of a good thing. If your dog is always scratching it can be heart-breaking to watch their discomfort, trapped in the constant itch – scratch cycle.

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Was Gucci's skin soothed by a change in diet?


Gorgeous Gucci the dog is feeling the difference after removing common dietary allergens from his diet.

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Winners of window display competition announced


Arden Grange, the super premium pet food company from West Sussex, have announced the winners of their 20th Anniversary retailer competition.

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NEW partners wet cat food from Arden Grange


Arden Grange is excited to be launching our highly-anticipated wet cat food.

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£1000 of holiday vouchers to be won for a stunning Arden Grange themed display.


To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Arden Grange is inviting independent stockists of their products to take part in a product display competition with the chance of winning £1000 in holiday vouchers.

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Crufts sponsorship continues for Arden Grange


We will once again be attending and sponsoring the world's biggest dog show, Crufts.

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Arden Grange has double success at the Your Dog and Your Cat Product Awards 2016/17


Readers of the Your Cat and Your Dog magazines have once again voted for Arden Grange.

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