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7 signs your pet has a sensitive stomach


Almost every pet, especially those with access to the outdoors, will have an upset tummy at some point. But how can you tell if your cat or dog has a sensitive digestion?

Here are things to look out for:

1. Flatulence, very smelly stools or the tendency to pass loose stools

2. Scooting or circling - anal gland problems

3. Bad breath (although this may be related to dental problems or other illness)

4. Increased frequency of passing stools or passing excessive volumes of waste

5. Gulping or bringing up bile or froth Ė acid reflux

6. Easily upset tummy if the diet is changed or a new type of treat is fed

7. Often reluctant to eat (this may not be down to fussiness, it could be due to neophobia Ė an innate fear of certain foods due to their potential to cause an upset

Remember that many cats and dogs have both sensitive skin and digestion, particularly if the problem is related to allergies as histamine is released in both the gut and the skin.

Travel sickness

Whether your cat or dog already has a sensitive tummy or not, we recommend taking extra care while travelling. Just like us, some cats and dogs can feel nauseous during a long journey. If this is the case, a big meal before-hand is not a good idea so consider waiting until you reach your destination before offering food.

If you have a very long journey planned and your pet may need to be fed along the way donít forget to offer fresh clean water, stop for toileting regularly and line your pet carrier with something soft and absorbent in case travel causes upset tummies.

Keeping your pets calm and comfortable a journey is so helpful in preventing upsets. Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is our favourite means of transport to Europe because unlike airlines (where pets are kept in the hold), owners can stay with their pets in the familiar surroundings of their own vehicle for the short (35 minute) journey from Folkestone to Calais!

If you suspect your pet has a long-term problem or regularly experiences the symptoms listed above, your vet will be able to establish the cause and ensure appropriate medical treatment if necessary. The right diet is so important for sensitive pets, and in the event of food allergies, a product that excludes any known or suspected allergens is a crucial part of their care. Even if a pet does not require any ingredient restrictions, a diet that supports the skin/coat, digestion and immune system can still be highly beneficial.

All of our products are naturally hypoallergenic and free from the most common dietary allergens but our Sensitive range in particular has helped countless cats and dogs with sensitive digestions back to optimal health and comfort. Donít take our word for it, read our testimonials or try out Sensitive products for your pet.

We have more in-depth articles on some of the health issues in our numbered list which you might find helpful; Flatulence in dogs, Dealing with diarrhoea, Anal gland problems in cats and dogs, Acid reflux and Adverse Food reaction in dogs.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

Arden Grange and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle have been working together for many years, sharing a commitment to the comfort and security of pets travelling both in and out of the UK. Arden Grange sponsors Pet Exercise areas at Eurotunnel Le Shuttle terminals and regularly visit the Pet Lounge in Calais to meet with the staff at both sides of the tunnel. Arden Grange will continue to work alongside Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and we definitely recommend this form of travel if taking your pet abroad.

By: Ness Bird RVN

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