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Our 7 day plans for safely changing pet food brands


We hope you enjoyed our recent 3 part series on overweight pets. Itís our mission to keep your pets happy and healthy this year so we hope you found our articles helpful.

Click the links below if you missed any of them.

7 reasons to start slimming your overweight pet today! Read now.

Safely slim your pet in 8 simple steps. Read now.

5 ways to keep your dog's hunger at bay. Read now.

If you decide to change your petís diet for whatever reason, please do so gradually to prevent digestive upsets. Follow the links below for our guides on how to change from one pet food brand to another over a seven day period.

Changing dry cat food brands: Our 7 day guide. Read now.

Changing dry dog food brands: Our 7 day guide. Read now.

Remember our nutrition adviser Ness has over 15 yearís practical experience as a veterinary nurse, NVQ assessor and technical writer, Ness has an in depth knowledge of canine and feline nutrition. She and the team are always happy to provide guidance, should you have any queries you canít find the answers to on our website.

Click here for expert nutrition advice for your pet.

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