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What You Thought

Adult: light with fresh chicken & rice

Adult: light with fresh chicken & rice

Recommended for:

  • Adult dogs (1 yr+) who are overweight or with a tendency to weight gain

Can also be used for:

  • Senior dogs who are overweight or exercising a lot less
  • Dogs requiring a lower protein or lower fat diet
  • Dogs with a large appetite
  • Dogs that have a less active lifestyle

Nutritional Information:

  • Lower in calories ideal for dogs who are watching their waistlines
  • Increased fibre to help your dog feel satisfactorily full
  • Added L-carnitine may help to maintain lean body mass by increasing the conversion of fat to energy
  • Fresh chicken and high quality chicken meat meal providing protein of a very high biological value
  • Lower in fat only easily digestible pure chicken and fish oils used in the recipe
  • Extremely palatable the inclusion of fresh chicken and the tasty chicken liver coating means that diet food need not be bland!


Adult: light with fresh chicken & rice
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