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Cat food / Tasty Liver Treat for cats and dogs


What You Thought

Melly Munchkin's Pawsitive Product Review - Tasty Liver Treat for Cats

"So today my topic is going to be a product review. It's a good one. So let's get started. My review is of Arden Grange's Tasty Liver Treat for cats. Obviously I am a cat. Arden Grange is a great company that makes quality dog and cat food. I am currently on some of their 'Sensitive' range as I am slightly allergic to corn. (It makes me sneeze if I have too much.) I like that the ingredient list isn't very long. Do note it does need to be refrigerated after opening, so be sure to make your human pop it into the fridge. The scent isn't overpowering, so that makes the human very happy, but it is certainly enough to get the nose of any kitty....or dog (note how Oreo is trying to help me review...) going and thinking 'Mmm food!' So I taste it. Hmm...I gotta say.... MORE PLEASE. The first time I had this I tried to steal the tube from my human. She called me greedy. I just happen to know what I like, thanks! It has a great flavour and smell, I find it extremely appealing and I like it so much I'll start to do tricks without being told to in order to earn myself some more yum yums from the squeezy tube. So overall I will rate this Arden Grange Liver Treat a nice 5 Paws Up! Thanks Arden Grange!" And thank you Melly and owner Liz Oliver for the super review. You can read more of Melly's musings, see her photos/videos and look at her very special artwork at


Tasty Liver Treat for cats and dogs

Tasty Liver Treat for cats and dogs

Recommended for:

  • Cats and dogs that deserve a healthy treat
  • Cats and dogs requiring encouragement to eat or take medications
  • Available from pet shops only

Nutritional Information:

  • With lots of fresh liver and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Arden Grange Tasty Liver Treat is the perfect reward or snack for adult cats and dogs.
  • Tasty Liver Treat is naturally hypoallergenic and free from wheat gluten,dairy products, beef and soya
  • The irresistible paste can also be used in giving medications to your pet. Try squeezing a pea sized amount on to a tablet or mixing with crushed or liquid medications on a dish.
  • Cost per kilo: £32.93


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Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 12%, Fat Content 28.6%, Crude Ash 1.4%, Crude Fibres 1%, Moisture 57%.

Composition: Pork, Pork liver (35%), Sunflower Oil, Pork Fat, Dried Mixed Vegetables, Gelatine, Parsley .



Feeding Guide

Feeding guideline for cats. Adult Cats - up to 1/6 tube per day.

Feeding guidelines for dogs.Small dogs up to 1/6 tube a day. Medium dogs up to 1/4 tube a day.Large dogs up to 1/2 tube a day.



Recommended Feeding Chart - Updated Autumn 2017

Feeding guidelines on packaging are currently being changed to show the figures displayed below.

Weight Kgs.

Grams / Day

Using the Feeding Charts

The Arden Grange feeding charts will give an estimation of the daily feeding quantity based on your cat or dogís weight.

It is important to remember however that these figures are guidelines only, and there are several factors to be taken into account when assessing your petís nutritional requirements : -

Activity level

Temperament (stressed animals burn off more calories than relaxed ones)

Metabolism (every animal is an individual with his or her own speed of metabolism; this means that 2 dogs of the same age, breed and weight could have different daily calorie requirements)

In order to provide the correct portions, it is also helpful to assess your petís appetite, visual appearance and stools. Whilst poo watching does not sound particular pleasant, it is one of the best indicators of health. Increased frequency of passing faeces, production of large quantities of stools of loose motions are often frequent signs that an animal is receiving more food than he or she requires.

It is important to obtain an accurate weight for your cat or dog, and also to weigh out the food. Guessing on both accounts gives a large margin of error.

If you require any assistance in calculating the correct feeding quantities for your cat or dog, please contact our nutrition adviser who will be happy to help.



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